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Yukon College Home Library Reserve Materials Service

Reserve Materials Service

Reserve Materials Request

Please allow for at least one business day before items are available for circulation. (Alternate contact - email:     [Hide]

One item per form.

Information on Reserves

Here is some information about reserve items to help you out with your term preparations.

  1. The form to add materials to reserve is only available online. Please fill in the information required for the items that you wish to put on Reserve.  One item per form, please.

  2. You can put your own or the library’s material on reserve.  If you are choosing to use your own material, please label it with your name when dropping it off so we don’t confuse it with a donation.  And be aware that a card pocket will be taped to your materials and can be damaged by it!

  3. Please be very specific and consistent when giving the title of an item to us as well as to your students. Sometimes confusion arises when a book is put on reserve with the title and students know the item by the chapter titles.

  4. Please bring in items for reserve as soon as possible. We will do our best to make your reserve items available quickly, but please be aware that the computer work involved in this does not lend itself to a “while-u-wait” service.

  5. Many instructors find it useful to gather a number of articles or notes in one binder, which can easily be added to throughout the term.

  6. Finally, please carefully consider the number of items that you wish to put on reserve. Many items do not circulate at all or only a few times per term and might better serve the students if they were available in a less restricted area than reserve.

  7. Lastly, don’t forget to collect you own material at the end of the term!

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