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Social Work

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Program Description

Yukon College offers, in partnership with the University of Regina, a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree. The University of Regina grants the degree and the program is accredited by the Canadian Association for Social Work Education. The BSW program provides students with the opportunity to acquire the knowledge, values, and skills necessary to practice social work in northern and remote communities. Particular attention is given to the social needs, values and aspirations of Yukon First Nations. The program uses practicums and a cultural camp to further enhance the educational experience. Full-time or part-time studies are possible.

Admission Requirements

There is one intake per year and seats are limited. We suggest that applicants contact their prospective references and complete the criminal records check in January to ensure all documents are received by the application deadline. The complete application package must be received by the Admissions Office at Yukon College by March 2, 2018 4:30 p.m. If the date falls on a weekend or holiday, the deadline is the preceding business day. To receive an application, please contact the BSW program or download an application from Social Work program page on the College website, www.yukoncollege.yk.ca/programs. No late applications will be accepted.

The following admission requirements apply:

Students must complete a minimum of 30 university credit hours prior to admissions to BSW and obtain a minimum GPA of 65%.

The following courses must be completed as part of the 30 university credit hours:

  • English 100 Level 3 credits
  • English 100 level, or higher 3 credits*
  • Social Work 200 3 credits
  • General University Studies 21 credits

(*A 70% combined average is required for these English courses.) 

Other Requirements

  • Completion of a BSW program application
  • A criminal records check(s). Criteria is provided in the BSW application. Please anticipate a minimum of 3 weeks for completion. 
  • Three letters of reference; references from relatives are not accepted.

Applicants who meet the above criteria may be selected for a panel interview.

  • Candidates’ interviews are scored and ranked.
  • Following completion of interviews, all applicants will be notified of their results.
  • Successful applicants will be invited to a BSW Orientation and registration session in May, at which time they will apply for admission to the University of Regina. Course advising and registration for the fall will occur once the student has also been accepted to the University of Regina.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a Bachelor of Social Work degree, students admitted from March 1st , 2014 and onwards into the Yukon College Bachelor of Social Work Program must meet the following graduation requirements :

General University Studies       60 credits
A minimum 65% GPA is required in General University Studies for graduation. 

Required General University Studies Courses
English 100 level  (3 credits)
English 100 level, or higher  (3 credits)
History 140 History of Yukon First Nations and Self -Government  (3 credits)
Psychology 100 level  (3 credits)
Psychology 100 level, or higher  (3 credits)
Sociology 100 level  (3 credits)
General University Studies, unspecified  (42 credits)

Social Work Studies        60 credits
A minimum 70% GPA is required in Social Work Studies for graduation.

Required Social Work courses
Social Work 200 Introduction to Social Work  (3 credits)
Social Work 346 Social Work Practice I  (3 credits)
Social Work 347 Social Work Practice II  (3 credits)
Social Work 348 Social Work Practicum I  (6 credits)
Social Work 352 Cultural Camp  (6 credits)
Social Work 389 Cultural Competence for Northern Social Work Practice  ( 3 credits)
Social Work 390 Communication Skills in Social Work Practice  (3 credits)
Social Work 414 Child Welfare Practice  (3 credits)
Social Work 421 Human Development in a Social Context  (3 credits)
Social Work 448 Social Work Practicum II  (15 credits)
One of:
Social Work 451 Social Work Research  (3 credits)
Social Work 469 Social Policy  (3 credits)
Social Work Electives  (9 electives)

Yukon First Nations Core Competency

Yukon College recognizes that a greater understanding and awareness of Yukon First Nations history, culture and journey towards self-determination will help to build positive relationships among all Yukon citizens. As a result, you will be required to achieve core competency in knowledge of Yukon First Nations. For details, please see www.yukoncollege.yk.ca/yfnccr.


Please check with the School of Health, Education and Human Services and University of Regina.


Social work graduates are employed primarily by the Yukon Government, First Nations governments and non-governmental social service organizations. Fields of practice include child welfare, family service, justice, addictions, health care, mental health, public welfare, and community development. Social workers are often involved in counselling, case management, advocacy, education, social policy and program development.


Four years or completion of 120 credits.


Tuition for credit programs is calculated per course credit. See Tuition and Fees.

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Social Work Program Application for Admission