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Northern Justice and Criminology

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Program Description

Criminology is the multidisciplinary study of crime, criminal behaviour, and social reactions to crime and criminal behaviour. The Northern Justice emphasis of criminology means that southern-based criminology courses are "northernized" and "regionalized" through integration of relevant course content and the assignment of coursework to better reflect the environment in which northerners live, work and study. The certificate option is designed for those students who do not intend to transfer directly to a Bachelor of Arts (Criminology) degree program but are interested in taking criminology courses to increase their knowledge of this field of study. The diploma is fashioned to meet the Yukon College Northern Studies requirements as well as the first- and second-year university transfer requirements to a Bachelor of Arts (Criminology) degree program at major Canadian universities.The program presents an ideal continuing education opportunity and is useful for those seeking entry-level employment in justice related fields.

Admission Requirements

  • grade 12 graduation with English 12 and Math 11 (Foundations, or Pre-Calculus); OR
  • Mature Student Status with acceptable scores on College Assessments, the GED® test or the LPI test
  • Students wishing to pursue the diploma in Northern Justice and Criminology must also fulfill the pre-requisite requirement for MATH 105: Introductory Statistics.  Math 105 Prerequisite(s): MATH 11 (Applications, Principles, Foundations or Pre-calculus MATH 11 or Yukon College's Math 050.  Math 130 is also strongly recommended for students taking Math 105.

If students do not meet either admission requirement, they should explore entry options with a program advisor.

Other Requirements

To graduate students must

  • complete all core courses
  • complete 1 200-level Criminology (CRIM) elective (3 credits)
  • complete at least 50% of the work at Yukon College
  • maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 (C average)

Certificate students must also:

  • complete 3 open electives (9 credits)

Diploma students must also:

  • complete 2 Northern Studies (NOST) core courses (6 credits)
  • complete 6 courses (18 credits) at the 200 level or above
  • complete 1 course (3 credits) focussing on land claims OR constitutional development
  • complete 2 open electives (6 credits)

NOTE: Students may take CRIM courses as open electives, provided all other requirements have been met.

Yukon First Nations Core Competency

Yukon College recognizes that a greater understanding and awareness of Yukon First Nations history, culture and journey towards self-determination will help to build positive relationships among all Yukon citizens. As a result, you will be required to achieve core competency in knowledge of Yukon First Nations. For details, please see www.yukoncollege.yk.ca/yfnccr.


For transfer information on a specific Yukon College course, click on the program’s Course List tab, select the course in question by clicking its link, and then click the Check the BC Transfer Options link on the course’s information page; for additional information, consult a program advisor.


Certificate: minimum one year

Diploma: minimum two years

Both programs can be completed on a full- or part-time basis.


Tuition for credit programs is calculated per course credit. See Tuition and Fees.

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