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Co-operative Education

Yukon College CO-OP is in development and at this time, students need to identify their potential work placements. CO-OP terms are normally 12 week practicums. Other situations can be considered.

The co-operative education option is available to students planning to complete a diploma in any of the Yukon College Schools. Some examples of diploma programs include: Liberal Arts, Business Administration, Gender and Women’s Studies, Northern Justice and Criminology, General Studies, Northern First Nations Studies, Renewable Resource Management and Northern Environmental Studies. Students in diploma programs are expected to meet specific criteria in order to take part in the program.

Students are expected to work in a career-related, 12 week, paid work term between the first and second year of studies.

To qualify a student must:

  • Be enrolled full time (minimum 3 courses per semester)
  • Maintain a grade point average of 2.6 (B-). If you do not meet this requirement please speak with a Co-op Coordinator to discuss options.
  • Complete the co-op curriculum including completion of a resume, development of techniques for self-marketing, interview preparation, and self-management strategies for workplace success.

Students seek help from the Co-operative Education Coordinator for career planning, job search strategies, and labour market information. The Coordinator also monitors work term progress during the summer. Students must meet the required accreditation standards for completion.

Students have documents and assignments to complete during the process. These records form the basis for a formal entry for co-op on the student transcript and diploma. This includes writing a work term report to be graded by the Coordinator at the end of the work term.

Students who do not enroll in co-op will not be eligible to apply on co-op positions. Work that complies with the guiding principles, (it is career-related work that is 12 weeks in duration and is paid employment), may be an advertised job. In some cases however, the employer requests co-op students only. In these cases only co-op students will receive information about the job(s).

To enroll, students can apply by contacting Student Services for an application.

Applicants will need to book an appointment and complete the application process with the Co-operative Education Coordinator, normally during the first semester of studies. Curriculum requirements including forms, assignments and seminar schedules will be discussed at that time.

Co-op Information for Employers
Employers who can offer career development opportunities to students enrolled in the above programs are encouraged to contact the CO-OP office early in the year. The students generally start college in September and finish in April. The sooner the CO-OP office knows of your hiring needs, the sooner you, as an employer, may be able to recruit.

Students who enroll in CO-OP are showing initiative and commitment to their course of studies. This may be what employers need in the workplace. To discuss current or future hiring needs call 867-668-8720. To submit a job posting fax 867-668-8899. Or, post your job on the web using www.yuwin.ca.